How to print

Printing PDFs or Office documents

  • To print a PDF, be sure to select the Print option in the Acrobat Reader toolbar, and not the File > Print menu in the Internet Explorer toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • In Microsoft Office applications such as Word or Excel, click the Office button in the top left corner > choose Print

Retrieving your printing via a Library Desktop

  • Your print job will be sent to the PC which manages printing, beside the printer nearest to you.
  • Note the name of the Library Desktop you are using - this will be used to identify your print job in the queue. The name of the Library Desktop is on the top of the monitor, e.g. bf12, dent09, fisher46.
  • When you are ready to retrieve your printing, go the PC beside the Library printer.
  • Highlight your print job on the PC, swipe your copycard, and enter your PIN number to start the print job.
  • If neccessary, make up a PIN number and enter it the first time you use your card.

Printing colour or transparencies

Library Desktops can print to colour printers in all of our libraries. Colour printing is also available in ICT Access Labs or Vritual Desktops across our libraries.

There is no printing on transparencies available for Library Desktops. There are photocopiers which can print transparencies across our libraries.