Facilities at the University of Sydney Library

Using the Library

The University of Sydney Library is open to staff and students of the University of Sydney. Students from other universities and members of the public are also welcome to visit the Library.

Detailed rules and regulations for the use of the Library, established by the Senate, are set out in the document Senate Resolutions relating to the Library and Library Regulations.

It is University policy that all students once enrolled, shall be treated the same. The Library also aims to offer identical levels of service to all students, irrespective of whether they are fee-paying or HECs-liable students.

Guidelines on the use of Library resources:
We want our clients to have fair and equitable access to the Library's resources such as computers, desks and rooms. You can help us achieve this by logging out if you are away from the computer for more than 5 minutes. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the computers logout. Always remember to take your belongings with you as library staff may remove any unattended personal property so that other clients can use the resources.

The University of Sydney Library has some excellent resources, let's share them.