Review process

The collection review process will begin with the labelling of works to remain in Fisher.  This review process has been refined with the assistance and advice of academic staff during the Reference and Curriculum collection reviews.  The process sequence is:

  1. as far as possible, collections will remain in situ throughout the review

  2. rare and valuable volumes will be identified for transfer to the Rare Books Collection

  3. volumes intended to remain on the open shelves will be identified with a coloured label

  4. academic staff will be invited to review the collections and recommend any changes in the storage recommendations

  5. volumes with incomplete cataloguing records will have their bibliographic details captured to enable recataloguing to international standard

  6. volumes intended for disposal will be separated for distribution to the University Community or to the Chancellor’s Book Fair

  7. all other volumes will be transferred to storage


Volumes transferred to storage will be considered for relocation back to the Fisher Library if in high demand in the future


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