Fees for Reproduction, Publication and Display of Images


1. The University of Sydney Library encourages the reproduction of items from its collections, but requires that certain conditions be observed. These conditions apply to all reproductions for publication or display of any pictorial, manuscript, printed or other materials held by the University of Sydney Library.

It is not the intent of the University of Sydney Library to impede the use of materials, but it does observe the right to refuse the use of materials that may be particularly vulnerable or subject to some form of restriction.

2. All images must be credited to: "..................................., University of Sydney Library". (Insert name of appropriate Collection e.g. Rare Book & Special Collections Library, University of Sydney Library) .
Failure to do so, including incomplete or incorrect credits, may incur penalty fees.

3. The University of Sydney Library reserves the right to charge a reproduction fee as the proprietor of the material. Such reproduction fees are additional to any processing or copying charges involved in the production of the image and to any fees which may be payable to the recognised holder of the copyright in the item concerned. It is the client's responsibility to be aware of current fees. If the client wishes to negotiate the use fees payable, this should be indicated as early as possible.

Reproduction fees are payable to the University of Sydney Library unless full or partial exemption is granted by the University Librarian or other authorised officer. Such exemption is granted at the discretion of the University of Sydney Library which also reserves the right to vary fees where appropriate.

4. The purchase of an image, in whatever form, does not entitle the purchaser to use it. Permission must be sought and given before each and every use of the image. Permission to reproduce is given only for the use described in a particular application. If fees have not been discussed, it will be assumed that the purchaser will pay the appropriate rate for that use. If permission has not been sought and granted, penalty rates may apply.

5. It is the purchaser's responsibility to be aware of current copyright law and its applications. Often, the University of Sydney Library does not hold the copyright on the material in its collections. In such cases you must request clearance from the copyright holder and be able to present written evidence of this clearance to the Library before a copy of the item can be provided. Copyright holders can also charge reproduction fees.

You do not need the Library's permission to publish items from printed material, such as books, newspapers and journals in its collections, which are not rare or unique. However you will still need permission from the publisher or copyright owner. The purchaser agrees to indemnify the University Library from any costs or claims for infringement of copyright in relation to copies of images supplied to the purchaser.

6. The fees charged refer to the granting of non-exclusive reproduction permission. Exclusive rights could only be granted in cases where the University of Sydney Library owns the copyright in an item. Such cases would be subject to separate negotiation as appropriate.

7. It is the purchaser's responsibility to provide the University Library with all publication details and to inform the University Library when and how an image has been used.

If this information is not provided, it will be assumed that all images supplied have been used in the manner requested, and an invoice for the appropriate use will be issued.

8. Pictures supplied by the University of Sydney Library MAY NOT be copied or stored by any means, electronic or otherwise, except for the purpose for which they were originally supplied. See (4) above.

9. The University of Sydney Library requests that a copy of any publication/video etc. in which material provided by the Library has been used be sent to us on publication.

SCALE OF FEES: Single Items

1. Print Media

* Books. Single images. Rights are granted for first edition only, non-exclusive editorial rights.

  • First usage: $110
  • Reprint or revised edition by the same publisher. 50% of above
  • Re-use in same publication 25% of above.

* Newspapers, periodicals and magazines.

  • First usage: $100
  • Reprint or revised edition by the same publisher. 50% of above
  • Re-use in same publication. 25% of above.
  • Non-exclusive syndication rights +50% of above fees apply.

* Brochures, leaflets and reports.

  • Usage: $200

2. CD-ROM publications

Single image. One time non-exclusive editorial use only.

  • Usage: $60
  • Reprint or revised edition. 50% of the above
  • Re-use of image in the manual. 50% of the above rates
  • Use on the cover CD. Please see merchandise section

3. Broadcasting

Non-exclusive editorial broadcasting rights. One time use. $70

Repeat use in same programme or series, 50% of the above fees
Fees are the same for either standard, or non-standard, television and film, regional or network TV. (Non-standard TV includes cable and satellite).

Additional rights may be granted for extended licensing periods on negotiation.

Licensing for re-use as video release +100% of the above fees.

4. Audio visual (slides/overheads etc)

  • In-house presentation (non-promotional): $30
  • In-house film/video (non-promotional): $50
  • Commercial presentation: $50
  • Promotional films and videos: $150

5. Internet

Images are licensed for use on the internet for specific purposes. One time only non exclusive world rights.

  • Non-commercial:$30
  • Commercial: $90
  • Advertising:$260.

6. Advertising

Newspapers and magazines (one time use): $220 Cover: $420

* Advertising flyers and posters.

  • Fliers: $90
  • Advertising Posters: $280
  • Advertising hoardings: $450
  • Point of sale advertising display: $350
  • Television, film and video advertising: $350

7. Merchandise

  • Calendar. 1 year. $350
  • Diary. 1 year. $175
  • Greeting cards. 3 years. $500
  • Postcards. 3 years. $500
  • Postage stamps. 1 year. $500
  • Telephone cards. 1 year. $500
  • CD, CD-ROM, cassette and album covers. 3 years. $350
  • Place mats. 3 years. $350
  • Posters, decorative. 3 years. $350
  • Collectables (plates, mugs etc). 3 years. $350
  • Clothing/T-shirts. 5 years. $350
  • Wallpaper/fabric design. 5 years. $500

SCALE OF FEES: Full Reproduction

Full reproduction of a whole Item (eg. facsimile or transcribed edition of manuscript, portfolio of pictures, separately published prints or microform publication).

* Where the reproduction is deemed to be primarily for commercial purposes, a charge of 5% of the recommended retail price of the entire print run is to be applied. Substantial portions of volumes by negotiation.

* Where reproduction is deemed to be for scholarly purposes, or for a recognised charity, a nominal fee of $120 is to be applied. This may be waived where considered appropriate.

Permanent exhibitions and displays. (Commercial). $320.

Temporary exhibitions by cultural institutions, please apply.

Note: All prices do not include GST. 10 per cent GST applies to goods/services purchased in Australia.