Unit of study readings

This is a service the library provides in which essential unit of study readings are placed into the 2 Hour loan collection or an electronic copy linked through the catalogue. This ensures students will always have access to their readings throughout the unit of study.

Unit of study readings submission form

What items can be made available in the library?

  • Journal articles*
  • Book chapters*
  • Web sites
  • Books from our collection
  • Journal articles not held by University of Sydney*
  • Private copies of texts

*: Availability is subject to legal copyright compliance.

Can I order new material?

Ordering material may take several weeks depending on location and publisher stocks.

What information do you need to provide?

  • Full citation details for each book or journal article
  • Name and code of the Unit of Study
  • Number of students enrolled
  • Name and contact details for the course coordinator and/or the lecturer

Where do I send my lists?

When should I send my lists?

As early as you can, prior to semester starting. This will help ensure that the items on your list are ready for your students at the beginning of semester.

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