How the Library supports your teaching

1. Talk with us

You have a Faculty Liaison Librarian who will help you and your students make the most of Library services. Talk with us about the tailored support we can provide.

2. Information skills: a key graduate attribute

Faculty Liaison Librarians provide training in information skills which are a key component of University graduate skills.

3. Unit of study readings

The Library can streamline access to key readings for your students. Send us your reading lists as early as possible before semester starts and we'll organise the rest.

If you plan to link subscription material on your blackboard site (i.e. eBooks or online articles), you need to add the Library’s EZproxy to the item’s address to ensure your students are given access. Use our EZproxy generator.

4. Orders

Order unit of study readings material not already in the catalogue by contacting your Faculty Liaison Librarian or use the online order form.

5. Stay up to date with professional literature

6. Resource diversity

The Library supports the teaching at the University with a variety of resources:

  • Search KEYWORDS and limit by MATERIAL TYPE, e.g. DVD's.
  • Need an image to display in a lecture? Search the image databases.
  • We provide a wide range of guides to finding excellent resources in specific subject areas.

7. Exam papers

Past exam papers can be accessed online.

8. Copyright

Make sure you meet the University's copyright obligations.

9. Library impact statements

These are an essential component of the establishment of all new and significantly changed courses. Please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian so that a library impact statement assessing any resource implications can be completed.