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Key databases for Art History and Theory  
Art Index via Ebsco (1929-present)
A good starting point for research in art, design and architecture. Indexes articles, reviews, exhibitions and images in art journals.
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ABM : ARTBibliographies Modern via Proquest (1974-present)
Essential for comprehensive research in modern and contemporary art, art history, design and crafts. Provides full abstracts of journal articles, books, essays, exhibition catalogs, exhibition reviews, PhD dissertations and links to web resources.
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APA-FT : Australian Public Affairs Full Text via Informit Online (1978-present)
Useful for research on Australian art and artists. This important Australian social sciences and humanities database includes full text articles (from 1994/1995-present) from the top 200 journals indexed. Australian content
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DAAI : Design and Applied Arts Index via Proquest (1973-present)
International index for design and studio art related journals. Useful for object, sculpture, jewellery, photography, architecture, interior design and design theory research.
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BHA : Bibliography of the History of Art
European and American visual arts material published between 1975 and 2007. Please also use ABM : ARTBibliographies Modern, for current material after 2009, & JSTOR for earlier material
Art & Architecture Archive via Proquest (1895 - 2005)
Cover-to-cover scans of magazines comprising key research material in the fields of fine and decorative arts, interior design and architecture, photography.
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Proquest Arts Research
Search a number of Arts & Humanities databases together (including ArtBibliographies Modern, DAAI, Music, Performing Arts, Newspapers and Theses) and retrieve many full-text articles.
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More databases useful for Art History and Theory (A-Z)  
Useful international collection of digital art images drawn from different sources, such as museums, archaeological teams, photo archives, slide collections and art reference libraries.
ARTstor has specific technical requirements.
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Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals via EBSCO
Useful for research in architecture, archaeology, urban planning, furniture and decoration, historic preservation, and interior design.
DAAO : Dictionary of Australian Artists Online
A freely accessible resource in art history for biographical information on Australian artists and their lives. Australian content
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Expanded Academic ASAP via Gale
Useful multidisciplinary database for visual arts, media, humanities and social sciences research, with some full text.
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Film Index International
Major source of information for all areas of film studies, including international films, persons associated with films and the film industry. Produced in collaboration with the British Film Institute.
Google Scholar
Good for broad searches of scholarly literature from both free and subscription sources. For search results which highlight the articles available to you through Library subscriptions, use the links on our website to Google Scholar, or enable Google Scholar settings. Also useful to find references which cite other academic articles.
IIPA : International Index to Performing Arts Full Text via Chadwyck-Healey/ProQuest (1998-present)
Useful for full text articles in performing, conceptual and media arts research.
Useful for the full-text of back issues of academic journals across the arts and sciences.
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Literature & Culture Collection via Informit Online (1940 - present)
Offers a number of Australia’s best known literary and art magazines that help define Australia’s literary and cultural heritage. Includes Meanjin and Media International Australia (MIA) backfiles.
Australian content
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Oxford Art Online
Useful for quick information on artists, art movements and the visual arts in general. Also includes Grove Art Online and provides links to images in external web sites.
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Philosopher's Index via OvidSP (1940-present)
Major source for philosophical information from books and journals, including a wide range of cultural theories and aesthetics. Also useful for concept development.
Project MUSE
Full text journal database useful for multidisciplinary research in arts, social sciences and humanities.
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Proquest Arts Research
Search a number of Arts & Humanities databases together (including ArtBibliographies Modern, DAAI, Music, Performing Arts, Newspapers and Theses) and retrieve many full-text articles.
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Proquest Central
Multidisciplinary collection of databases with some full text, useful for visual arts, media studies and social sciences research. It also searches for higher degree theses in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text.
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PsycInfo via OvidSP (1806-present)
Major source for articles, conference papers, books and web resources in psychology. Also useful for concept development.

9/7/2013: If you are unable to export 999 records from PsycINFO, it is most likely due to the large size of cited references in some of the records. Use the "Select fields to display > Custom fields" option, & exclude the "Cited References" field. It will then export all 999 records.
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Sydney College of the Arts Archive
The SCA Archive is a unique collection of contemporary visual art that showcases the scholarly research of SCA staff, students and alumni.
One of the digital collections developed by the Library in partnership. Australian content
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The Vogue Archive via Proquest (1892 - present)
The full contents of Vogue magazine (U.S. edition). Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included in this record of American and international fashion, culture and society.
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