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International chemistry journal articles, conferences, books, reports, patents within the Chemical Abstracts database; Chemical Abstracts from 1907, and Medline from 1966. Subject coverage includes chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, agricultural chemistry, food science and medicine.

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ICSD: Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
A comprehensive database on fully determined inorganic crystal structures, recorded in the literature of the field from 1913-present.
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Web of Science Core Collections
Covers major journals in all areas of science. Allows citation searching and analysis.
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A collection of electronic reference works including the Dictionary of Organic Compounds and the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.
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e-Eros (Encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis)
Offers a systematic and exhaustive coverage of reagents used in organic chemistry. Also includes information concerning physical data, solubility, form supplied in and purification.
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More databases useful for Chemistry (A-Z)  
Biosis Previews via Web of Science (1926 - present)
A major resource for all biological sciences.
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Current Contents Connect
CCC is a cross-disciplinary alerting service. It provides table of contents and article information from journals of your choice.
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Current Protocols via Wiley Interscience
Access thousands of authoritative, peer-reviewed, easy-to-follow, and frequently updated protocols.
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Journal Citation Reports - old version via Web of Science
Journal Citation Reports - new version via Web of Science - click Subscriber login button

Provides analytical information on journals such as impact factor and citation frequency.
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JOVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments
Video-based visualization of biological techniques and procedures. JOVE aims to solve some of the most difficult problems in life science research: low transparency and reproducibility of biological experiments, time-consuming learning of experimental techniques.
Access to these collections: Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Immunology & Infection, Medicine, Neuroscience.
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Medline via OvidSP (1946 - present)
Journal database covering a range of disciplines including medicine and life and physical sciences.
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Proquest Science Journals
Search a collection of full text journals covering the applied and general sciences.
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Royal Society of Chemistry eBook collection (1940-current)
Ebooks published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, covering all aspects of chemical science.
Royal Society of Chemistry Journals and Archive
Provides access to most current RSC journals and the full-text of articles published by RSC from 1841 - 1996.
ScienceDirect is a database for scientific research in the life, physical, medical, technical, and social sciences.
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Scopus is a large multidisciplinary database covering published material in the humanities and sciences. It also provides citation analysis of authors and subject areas.
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