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Key databases in Chinese Language  
CAJ : China Academic Journal Full-text Database
Chinese Interface  (please remember to click 退出 after each use)
English Interface  (please remember to click log out after each use)
Search terms must be in simplified Chinese.
Full-text access to Journal articles published in China in all subject areas. The subscription is funded by the China Studies Centre of the University of Sydney.
Note: Some articles have English abstracts. Full-text can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader with simplified Chinese font, or CAJ Viewer which is free to download from the site. Not all fulltext articles are in pdf format.
Apabi Chinese Fine Arts Museum: Red Revolution and Excavated Fine Works Museum
Red Revolution database contains 10272 revolutionary art images in China. It includes paintings, posters, drawings, paper cuts, etc.
Excavated Fine Works Museum contains 8454 images of Chinese cultural relics.
Silverlight may require viewing details or full screen images, but it is not essential.
Apabi Chinese eBook (Apabi 中文电子书)
Apabi (北大方正) eBook is a collection of fulltext electronic books in Chinese language. It contains Chinese language books published in China. Users can search using Chinese characters. It allows searching any keywords within a book as well. Apabi allows unlimited copying and pasting of the eBook contents, but printing is not permitted. Apabi Reader is required to view fulltext eBooks. Apabi Reader is free of charge from the Website. Users can choose to view fulltext online for 30 minutes, or borrow for 24 hours. Maximum 5 books can be borrowed at a time.
For further information, please contact East Asian Collection staff on level 7, Fisher Library.
Ren min wang (People's Daily)(人民网)
Fulltext newspapers including Ren min ri bao (both Beijing and overseas edition)
Ren min wang jian suo (人民网检索)(1995-2005)
Index to Ren min ri bao (People's Daily). Allow Keyword searching on fulltext articles

Guang min wang (includes Guang min ri bao 光明日报)

Dang an wen xian guang pan ku (档案文献)(1368-1995)
(Historical Archives of China. 1368-1995)
5102 archival government documents. See list of titles
Scripta Sinica (Han ji dian zi wen xian zi liao ku (漢籍電子文獻資料庫)
The Scripta Sinica database contains almost all of the important Chinese classics, especially those related to Chinese history (内容包括經,史,子,集四部,其中以史部为主, 經,子,集部为輔)
Si ku quan shu: yuan wen dian zi ban (四库全书)
1500 Chinese classics, includes most major Chinese texts, from the ancient Zhou Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, covering all domains of academia.

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