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Oceanic Abstracts via Proquest (1981 - present)
Oceanic Abstracts is focused exclusively on worldwide technical literature pertaining to the marine and brackish-water environment.
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OECD iLibrary
Full-text for all OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) publications, including documents, periodicals and statistical databases.
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OECD Main Economic Indicators: Historical Data
Historical time series statistics for the main economic indicators. Provides data for OECD member countries from 1960-1995. Data includes - national accounts, production, manufacturing, construction, trade, labour and wages, prices and balance of payments.
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See also OECD iLibrary
OECD Social Expenditure Data
Provides statistics on expenditure on social programs in OECD member countries. Data includes - benefits and services for old age, disabilities, families, labour market, unemployment, housing, health and occupational inquiry.
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See also OECD iLibrary
OED : Oxford English Dictionary
Access to the 20 volume Second edition.
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OGEL: : Global Energy Law & Regulation Portal
Focuses on recent developments in the area of oil, gas, energy law, regulation, treaties, judicial and arbitral cases, voluntary guidelines, tax and contracting, including the oil, gas, energy geopolitics.
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OLDMEDLINE via OvidSP (1946-1965)
Contains articles published between 1946-1965 without Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
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OMIA: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals
Covers veterinary genetics, genetic disorders and heredity disorders. A database of the genes and phenes in a wide range of animal species.
Opera in Video
Contains video of many of the most significant opera performances from the world’s best performers, conductors and opera houses around the world. Contains operatic repertoire from the Baroque era through to the twentieth century. (Search it via Music Online to capture results from other Alexander St databases)
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A useful resource for finding systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy. Trials have been critically appraised and rated to assist you to evaluate their validity and interpretability.
Ovid databases
Databases on the Ovid platform include AMED (Allied & Complimentary Medicine),s EBM Reviews, ERIC (Education), International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, Medline, Mental Measurements Yearbook, PsycInfo, and University of Sydney Full Text Journals@Ovid (including PsycArticles).
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Books covering Health and Medicine. Includes the Oxford University Press Brain Science Collection.
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Journals@Ovid - subscribed journals only
Oxford Art Online
Useful for quick information on artists, art movements and the visual arts in general. Also includes links to images in external web sites. Includes Also includes Grove Art Online, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms , and the Benezit Dictionary of Artists.
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Oxford English Dictionary
Access to the 20 volume Second edition.
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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography : ODNB
An illustrated collection of more than 50,000 specially written biographies of the people who shaped all aspects of Britain's past, from the fourth century BC onwards. Articles include detailed bibliographies.
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Oxford Handbooks Online - Philosophy and Music
The Handbooks discuss the latest thinking in a range of major topics. Containing specially-commissioned essays with extensive referencing to further reading, the handbooks offer both thorough introductions to topics in the discipline, and a useful reference resource for scholars and advanced students.
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Oxford History of Western Music Online
Online version of the celebrated 6 volume Oxford History of Western Music: a comprehensive reference tool which includes illustrations and 1,800 musical examples.
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Oxford Journals Alerts
Oxford Music Online
Oxford's portal for reference works on music. Includes Grove Music Online, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, and The Oxford Companion to Music. Illustrations and sound samples included.
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Oxford Public International Law portal
Search or browse the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Public Law together with Oxford Reports on International Law. Contains debate maps indexing discussions by scholars on the public international law aspects of major debates, and the new Oxford law citator.
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Oxford Reference Online: Premium plus Western Civilization Collection
Reference books on everything from architecture to zoology, as well as access to guides on English grammar and usage and over 130 dictionaries, plus maps, timelines, and encyclopedias.
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Oxford Reports on International Law
Provides a single point of reference for all international law jurisprudence. Access to all modules: International Courts of General Jurisdiction (ICGJ), International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC), Criminal Law (ICL), Human Rights Law (IHRL), and International Investment Claims.
Also searchable via the Oxford Public International Law portal
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Oxford Scholarship Online
Full text books online with a large selection of economics, finance, philosophy, religion, music, legal and political science titles.
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A "first draft of history" as it occurs. Provides succinct analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. Evaluates issues and events within a coherent political, social, and economic framework. Contains objective, multi-disciplinary articles compiled by an extensive international network of over 1,000 faculty members at Oxford and other leading universities around the world, as well as think-tanks and institutes of international standing.
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