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UK Parliamentary Papers Index
Available on Library workstations from the "Additional Databases" folder on the PC Desktop.
Ulrich'sTM International Periodicals Directory
The major source of bibliographic and publisher information on magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.
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UNESCO databases 1994-1996
Contains the bibliographic databases: UNESBIB -Unesco documents and publications; AIDS -preventive education against AIDS; IAUDOC -higher education; IBEDOCS -education (organization, literacy, innovations); ICOMMOS -museums, monuments and sites; and the referral databases: DARE -institutions and periodicals in social sciences; ENERGY -renewable sources of energy and energy conservation; ISISDIF -national distributors of micro CDS/ISIS software; UNESDATA -Unesco databases; UNESIS -Unesco Regional Office Information Services
Available on Library workstations from the "Additional Databases" folder on the PC Desktop.
Unesco Institute for Statistics
This free site particularly focuses on education and media. It contains over 1,000 types of indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science and technology, culture and communication.
United Nations Law Collection via HeinOnline
Includes the United Nations Treaty Series, International Court of Justice, Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders, and Reports of International Arbitral Awards.
United Nations Treaty Collection
Once at the site click the Databases tab. The databases are listed on the left of screen: UNTS Database, LNTS Database.
Full text access to all treaties and international agreements entered into by any Member of the United Nations.
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University of Chicago Press journals
Access to all the journals published by the University of Chicago Press
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University of Sydney Law School Legal Studies Paper Series via SSRN
The Series is part of a centralised database containing the scholarship of all Sydney Law School faculty members, who post their work on SSRN. Australian content
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University of Sydney Theses
All University theses are listed in the library catalogue. Search by Author, Title, Subject or Keyword.
Unreported judgments
State Supreme Courts, Federal Court and High Court Full text of unreported judgments. Australian content
UpToDate temporarily unavailable for technical reasons

Due to licensing restrictions, this will be available on our physical campuses for students and staff; off-campus access will be available for students only. No access via the app.
A comprehensive evidence-based Clinical Decision Support tool for use at the point of care. New medical research is integrated carefully into the UpToDate content, with specific recommendations as to how it should be applied clinically. On the toolbar, What's New lists the most important changes and additions to the content in 22 specialties; PCUs (Practice Changing Updates) show research results with important or immediate implications for how clinicians practice.
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U.S. Law reviews via Lexis.com
Over 900 U.S. journal titles are available in Lexis.com

For other jurisdictions select 'Legal - Excluding U.S.' from the main menu of Lexis.com
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