Indian Sub-Continental Studies Databases

Buddhist Studies Databases

Key databases for Indian Sub-Continental Studies  
BAS : Bibliography of Asian Studies (1971 - present)
References to scholarly research published in mainly western languages, on all parts of Asia, and on the overseas Asian communities elsewhere in the world. BAS aims to cover the humanities, social sciences, architecture and those natural sciences that have strong human components, such as medicine, public health, geology and the environment.
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LLBA : Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts via Proquest
References to journal articles, chapters and reviews on language including Indonesian.
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MLA : Modern Languages Association International Bibliography via Ebsco (1926 - present)
Contains bibliographic references to scholarly works, literature, linguistics and folklore in English, French, German, Italian and other languages on the topics of literature, literary theory and criticism, genres, linguistics and folklore.
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Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries
A freely available website that provides access to some of the Sanskrit lexicons prepared by the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies, Cologne University.
Digital South Asia Library
A freely available website that provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia. It includes Digital Dictionaries of South Asia, images, maps, statistics, catalogues and indexes.
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Newspapers & Current Affairs see News Services databases  
Dissertation & Theses Full Text
Major source for information about doctoral dissertations and master's theses. Full text is available from 1997 to the present.

Note: It contains very large files; may be slow to download off-campus.
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Expanded Academic Index ASAP
Full text and abstracts to over 1500 multidisciplinary journals.

Alternative link (Use for first-time access off campus)
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Google Scholar
Good for broad searches of scholarly literature from both free and subscription sources. For search results which highlight the articles available to you through Library subscriptions, use the links on our website to Google Scholar, or enable Google Scholar settings. Also useful to find references which cite other academic articles.
Full text of major Classics and Ancient History journals. Does not include the current five years of issues.
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Project Muse
Full text of peer-reviewed humanities, arts, and social sciences journals from over 60 scholarly publishers.
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Web of Science
Contains the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Useful for subject and citation searching for any discipline.
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Worldwide Political Science Abstracts : WPSA via Proquest (1975-present)
References to articles, books and reviews on political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.
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More databases useful for Buddhist Studies (A-Z)  
ATLA Religion Database via EbscoHost (1949 - present)
References to journal articles, books and reviews on religion, biblical studies and related fields, particularly in the West.
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Gale Virtual Reference Library
Full text of academic encyclopedias. It includes the Encyclopedia of Buddhism and the Encyclopedia of Religion and the .
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Religious Periodicals via ProQuest
Full text of articles from academic and popular journals on religion.
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Philosopher’s Index via WebSpirs (1940 - present)
References to journal articles, books and reviews on philosophy and related disciplines.

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