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Key databases for Philosophy  
Philosopher's Index via OvidSP (1940's - present)
References to scholarly books, journals and proceedings on all areas of Philosophy.
Past Masters @ University of Sydney
Past Masters Philosophy Texts @ Intelex
Originally created by the InteLex Corporation, PAST MASTERS is a collection of full-text electronic editions in philosophy. The series also includes significant collections in political thought, religious studies, sociology, literature, the history of science, economics, and classics.
PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers. This subscription, paid for by the Library, provides for on-campus access until 18/9/2015.
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Provides full text access to the entire archive of key journals in Philosophy.
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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Detailed reviewed articles covering the main areas in Philosophy, also provides links to other sites and resources on the web.
Oxford Handbooks Online - Philosophy
The Handbooks discuss the latest thinking in a range of major topics in philosophy. Containing specially-commissioned essays with extensive referencing to further reading, the handbooks offer both thorough introductions to topics in the discipline, and a useful reference resource for scholars and advanced students.
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Oxford Reference Online : Premium plus Western Civilization Collection
Includes over 1 million entries across 25 subject areas - everything from architecture to zoology as well as access to guides on English grammar and usage and over 130 dictionaries.
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Social Theory
Brings together an extensive range of influential writings representing the most important trends of sociological thought from the eighteenth century to the present day.
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More databases useful for Philosophy (A-Z)  
Cambridge Companions Online - Philosophy, Religion and Culture
Cambridge Companions are lively introductions to major writers, artists, philosophers, topics and periods. They contain essays written to appeal to student readers. Together the chapters add up to a systematic critical account of, for example Plato, Luther, Tom Stoppard or Stravinsky, the French Novel or Jewish American Literature.
Access to Cambridge Companions in Literature and Classics, and the Cambridge Companions in Philosophy, Religion and Culture, and Companions in Music.
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Cambridge History of Philosophy series via Cambridge Histories Online
Provides access to the complete series of Cambridge Histories from Cambridge University Press, browsable by 15 key subject areas including American, British, Economic History, Histories of science, the book, literature, theatre, religion, music, language, and warfare.
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Dissertation & Theses Full Text
Access to full text doctoral dissertations and master's theses, mainly from US universities.
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Google Scholar
Good for broad searches of scholarly literature from both free and subscription sources. For search results which highlight the articles available to you through Library subscriptions, use the links on our website to Google Scholar, or enable Google Scholar settings. Also useful to find references which cite other academic articles.
The John Anderson Archive
A comprehensive resource for study and research into the life and works of John Anderson,Challis Professor of Philosophy from 1927 until 1958. Includes previously published works by Professor Anderson and electronic editions of significant papers held by the University Archives.
One of the digital collections developed by the Library in partnership. Australian content
Libraries Australia
Find Australian libraries which hold the material you need. Searches the combined catalogues of Australian libraries and can also provide access to the British Library Catalogue, Library of Congress Catalogue and OCLC WorldCat. Australian content
Project Muse (Mid 1990's - present)
Project Muse provides full text access to over 300 peer-reviewed humanities, arts, and social sciences journals from 60 scholarly publishers.
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Voltaire electronique
Texts based on the Voltaire Foundation's Oeuvres completes de Voltaire (the Oxford edition)

Web of Science Core Collections One of the largest Humanities and Social Sciences databases, it also provides citation analysis of authors and journals. Terms & conditions

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