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NetLibrary for Macs

The majority of the NetLibrary eBooks are formatted in PDF or HTML. The titles formatted in PDF require Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher.
No PDF viewer is needed to view an eBook if you use a newer Mac OS (10.4-10.6) and the Safari browser.
Firefox on a Mac is not currently recommended for use with NetLibrary.

Some ebooks require the DjVu browser plug-in (a prompt will display with ebooks requiring the plug-in). Please note the FAQ on the download page.

Mac users with older operating systems are advised to:

  • Use the Shubert|it PDF Browser Plugin rather than Adobe Acrobat with NetLibrary. This is a third-party plugin that supports in-browser viewing of PDF files.
    Using Adobe will usually display the content in it's own window rather than in the browser window, and some NetLibrary functionality may be missing.
  • Do not use the Safari web browser with NetLibrary on older operating systems.
    Using Safari, the content of NetLibrary PDFs may briefly flash on the screen and then disappear; or you may just see a blank page. NetLibrary believe this is due to a 2005 software upgrade in OS X or Safari.

Shubert|it PDF Browser Plugin

The PDF files used by NetLibrary are compatible with the Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, Opera, Netscape, and Internet Explorer web browsers using the Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin.

  1. Download PDF Browser Plugin 2 from
  2. Open the .dmg file you download, then copy PDF Browser Plugin.plugin to the Hard drive > Library > Internet Plug-Ins folder.
  3. If Adobe Reader 7 or QuickTime are set to handle PDFs, they will override the PDF Browser Plugin:
    • Open Adobe Reader > Preferences > Internet > uncheck "Display PDF in browser using: Adobe Reader 7"
    • With QuickTime you are only able to see the first page of a PDF. If you encounter this,open System Preferences > QuickTime preferences > Plug-In pane> click in MIME settings > ensure that under "Images - Still image files", PDF image is turned off.
  4. PDF Browser Plugin 2 should now work with Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, Opera, and Netscape without additional set up.
    • Internet Explorer needs additional set up; see below.
    • If problems are encountered in Firefox, see the section for that browser, below.
  5. Select Educational use only at the Order PDF Browser Plugin 2 dialog box, leaving the other boxes blank, when viewing PDFs in PDF Browser Plugin 2.
  6. The full text will be displayed.

Firefox set-up

When you first use NetLibrary on a Macintosh with Firefox, it may not be configured properly to handle the content. If a working PDF plugin is not installed or properly configured, you will get a dialog box which says:

Opening nlReader.dll
You have chosen to open nlReader.dll
which is a: Windows DLL
What should Firefox do with this file?
Open with (Choose...)
Save to Disk
Do this automatically for files like this from now on.
  1. Ensure that the Schubert|it plugin or Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or above is installed.
  2. Click Choose and go to either:
    • Library > Internet Plug-Ins and select PDF Browser Plugin.plugin,
    • Hard drive > Applications > Adobe folder and select the Adobe application.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If you are using the Shubert|it plugin it will open in the same browser window in Firefox. If you are using Adobe Reader 7 the document will open in its own window.

Internet Explorer set-up

To configure IE to use the Schubert|it plugin:

  1. Click Explorer > Preferences >: Receiving Files > File Helpers > Add
  2. Fill out the Edit File Helper window as shown: Description: Adobe PDF files
    Extension: PDF
    MIME type: Application/PDF
    File type: .PDF
    File creator: CARO
    How to handle: View with Plug-in
    Plug-in name: PDF Browser Plugin.plugin
    Download to: Prompt