ProQuest 5000 databases

Access to ProQuest 5000 ejournals

Friday 22 August 2003: Some clients may find when linking from the online catalogue to an electronic journal on ProQuest 5000 International, that they get the ProQuest login screen.

To solve this either
(a): Go to ProQuest 5000 International and search for your journal title.
The site will pass a cookie to your browser which will let you access ProQuest 5000 journals from the online catalogue.

Results disappear in ProQuest databases when I click the "Back Button" in Netscape. The "Data Missing" message displays.

To return to the results list: first, click "Reload," then click "Yes" in response to the question "Repost form data?"
You can avoid the "Data Missing" message with the ProQuest "Last search" function, which will return you to the results list. This function is available by clicking the "Results" button at upper screen right, and then selecting "Last search."

The full text of a recent issue of a journal in ProQuest is not listed.

The publishers of some journals will only provide their full text to journal aggregators such as ProQuest if an embargo is placed on the text of recent issues. Embargoes can be from 7 days to 2 years. The link to the journal in Library Catalogue record gives the availability information. Check the catalogue for for other links to the full text via another provider.

I can't see how to print a full text article from ProQuest.

Some full text articles don't display a ProQuest print button and you need to use the Print button in your browser. If neccessary, Right-click with your mouse on the link to full text and choose Open Frame in New Window (for Netscape) and Open in New Window (for Explorer)