eResearch Forum 2007

Featuring an address by Rhys Francis and speakers from the University of Sydney, eResearch 2007 will focus on

  • Raising awareness of eResearch activities
  • Information sharing and networking among those engaged in eResearch
  • Providing information about University of Sydney eResearch services, initiatives and policies
  • Discussion of issues related to eResearch
  • Providing an informal space for researchers to engage with policy makers

The forum will be held on November 1 at the Refectory, within the Holme Building on Camperdown Campus.

Registration is free and attendance open to anyone within and beyond the University of Sydney.

Workshops accompany the forum. Topics include digitisation, digital audio, GIS tools and high performance computing.

eResearch 2007 is an initiative of the University of Sydney Library in collaboration with the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories. For more information, contact the forum organiser.



University of Sydney Library Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories