Workshop registration

Coinciding with eResearch 2007 are a series of workshops and training sessions. Registration is free and attendance open to anyone within and beyond the University of Sydney.

As workshop places are limited, preference will be given to those affiliated with educational institutions.

Workshop registration is separate from forum registration.


Focusing on images, this 3.5 hour introductory workshop will cover the essentials of digitisation for preservation. Topics include:

  • Overview of digitisation activities at the National Library of Australia
  • Digitisation Project planning
    • archival digitisation workflow
    • selection and preparation of material
    • resources requirement assessment
    • calculating costs
    • legal issues
    • image capture
    • image manipulation
    • image management, storage and backup
    • web delivery
  • Introduction to Digital Imaging
  • Introduction to colour management

The workshop will be led by Andrew Stawowczyk Long, Manager Preservation Standards, National Library of Australia. The workshop will be held in the Refectory, Main Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus, on Wednesday, December 5th, between 1pm and 4:30pm.


This one hour session will cover the basics of recording from microphone to recorder to computer. Learn how to avoid simple mistakes, create good quality and archival quality recordings.

The workshop will be led by Tom Honeyman, Project Coordinator, PARADISEC, and held in Fisher Library, level 3 conference room on November 7 at 10:00am and 2:00pm. Contact Tom to register.

Spatial information is increasingly recognised as a significant aspect of scholarship in a wide range of disciplines. This 1 day workshop provides an overview of options and approaches to mapping your data, supported by hands-on examples. No prior experience beyond basic computing skills is assumed. The workshop will equip participants with everything they need to create spatial visualisations of their data immediately and cheaply. Topics include:

  • Free and low-cost data sources of map and satellite data
  • Mapping from databases
  • Digitising and importing paper maps
  • Capturing data in the field using a Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Using mashup techniques and tools to publish data to the web

The workshop will be led by Andrew Wilson, GIS Coordinator, Archaeological Computing Laboratory (ACL) and held in the ACL Computing Laboratory on November 14 at 9:00am.




Ac3 provides high performance computing services for the universities of New South Wales. This 1 hour introductory overview will cover topics such as

  • Overview of hardware used in high performance computing
  • Machines available at ac3 and the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC)
  • How to choose a machine for a particular problem
  • How to use the machines at ac3
  • How to obtain an account at ac3 or APAC

The workshop will be led by Joachim Mai, and held in Fisher Library level 3 conference room on November 7 at 12:00pm.