Rare Music Collection

The Conservatorium Library holds early printed music scores including original manuscripts of Australian composers, such as autograph scores by Raymond Hanson and early editions of Alfred Hill and Frank Hutchens.
Rare criteria is applied when the material is the only known copy to exist in any Australian or international library. It is also considered rare if it is distinctively annotated either by the composer, conductor or performer.
We collect rare Australian material and non Australian. Some of these scores may contain examples of disctinctive music printing or design.
The collection is housed in a special temperature controlled room of the Conservatorium library.


Accessing Rare Music Collection material
We welcome researchers and musicologists to consult the collection for the purpose of research. Some of the scores can also be physically fragile so it is important that we follow correct conservation procedures.

If you are interested in early printed books and manuscripts please visit the Rare Books and Special Collections which is located in Fisher Library.


Violin part of Concertos op.3 for the organ or harpsichord [ca.1752] by John Christian Mantel (1706-1761) Original manuscript of 'Gula for orchestra' by Australian composer Raymond Hanson (1913-1976) Mozart Piano Concertos published by Breitkopf & Härtel. It is estimated around 200 years old. Nuevo cancionero salmantino : coleccion de canciones y temas folkloricos ineditos (1943)


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