Block Mode Study: Diploma in Education (Aboriginal)

This page is for those students enrolled in the Diploma in Education (Aboriginal) and those going on to the Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Aboriginal Studies). It will be where the Curriculum Library Staff load any information about resources they think will be worthwhile in your study.


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The Curriculum Resources Collection welcomes students to come and browse, make a time to talk to staff about the resouces you can use in the classroom, and should be a first point of access to the University Library. If you are here for your six weeks, come and visit. If you are wanting to discuss loans during your time away from Campus, then come and spend some time here.

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Current Syllabus documents

A copy of relevant syllabus documents can be found on the NSW Board of Studies web page. These include:

star pointAboriginal Studies Years 7-10 (Stages 4-5) Syllabus Fisher Curriculum 305.8991507 12
star pointAboriginal Languages K-10 Syllabus Fisher Curriculum 499.1507 6
star pointAboriginal Studies Stage 6 Syllabus Fisher Curriculum 305.89915 470

A copy of all current other current documents, such as guides to syllabus documents and support material is also accessible in PDF format on the NSW Board of Studies web page.

Web Pages

star pointThe Koori Centre Homepage
star pointNSW Board of Studies
*ABC Message Stick links to Aboriginal sites
*Aboriginal Australia
*Lore of the land
*Barani: Indigenous history of Sydney City
*Review of Aboriginal Education 2003-2004
*WriteSite The Write Site provides online support to help you develop your academic and professional writing skills.

The Aboriginal Education Contexts links are well worth exploring.

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