Syllabus Documents

Syllabus documents are the mandatory courses of study in each subject area across all years of schooling. These documents are the basis of teaching in all NSW schools, public, private and systemic.

Copies of all syllabus documents from Kindergarten to Year 12 are held in the Curriculum Collection. One copy is in reference, all others are available for loan except the Archive copy which is currently not accessible.

Electronic copies can be found here.

Titles vary depending on the years:

If you cannot find the Syllabus or support document on the catalogue or shelf, check the web to confirm the title Syllabuses are supported by a variety of documents. In Primary, the most sought after are usually "outcomes and indicators", "units of work" or "modules". In Secondary, these are usually "support documents" or "units of work". The web site should also yield these if in doubt.