Children's Literature

Come and talk children's books. I have created a blog just to do so, and am looking forward to comment. Any ideas, whether they are on teaching in the classroom, a new book you just have to shout about, or critical analysis. Your ideas are welcome! Come in to the Blog

Children's literature in the Curriculum Resources Collection has a high priority. Literature forms an important part of the learning experience for the student in the school environment.

The collection here is used for a number of courses in both the Faculty of Education and in the Faculty of Arts English department. It includes not only recently published material but also a fair sample of the best literature published for children and young adults since early in the twentieth century. We also house material that is specifically published to assist with the learning experience, as well as literature written purely for the reader's pleasure.

Book raps are an initiative of the Dept of Education and Training's Library and Information Literacy Unit. They offer ways of developing discussion points about a topic or book, stimulate classroom activities as well as provide opportunities for teachers and students to share responses and ideas with other schools. Each rap has support material support material which addresses relevant syllabus outcomes and includes collaboratively planned lesson ideas including teaching strategies, proformas for use by students, WebQuests and other resources such as special guests available online.

Call numbers for literary guides and criticisms

On the shelves in the library, there are many worthwhile insights in the diverse world of children's literature. From 011 to 028 in the reference collection are a variety of subject guides, while it is worthwhile to check out the number areas around 809.89282 as well, in both reference and the general loan shelves.

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