Journals in the Ron Graham Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection
Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Sydney Library

Listed are the bulk of the magazines (of adventure, fantasy, horror, science fiction and the weird) held in the Graham Collection. Holdings are provided, changes of title noted and country of publication given where this is not the United States. Note that the Graham holdings run only until 1978/79. Other titles and later holdings should be checked in the Library's online catalogue.

Adventure [1921]

Aug 1921-Jun 1953

Air Stories

Aug 1929-Apr 1940

Air Wonder Stories

1-11, Jul 1929-May 1930
See also Wonder Stories

All-Story Magazine

Mar 1905-17 Jul 1920
Title changed to All-Story Weekly on 17 March 1914.

All-Story Weekly

See All-Story Magazine

Amazing Stories

1-52(2), Apr 1926-1979

Amazing Stories Quarterly

Winter 1928-Fall 1934

A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine

Dec 1949-Oct 1950


Feb 1960-Feb 1979
From February to September, 1960, the name Analog Science Fact & Fiction was superimposed over that of Astounding. In October, the latter name was dropped for Analog Science Fact-Fiction (1960-1961), changed in 1961 to Analog Science Fact-Science Fiction, and then in April 1965 to Analog Science Fiction-Science Fact.
See Astounding Science Fiction



Argosy All-Story Weekly


Arkham Sampler

Winter 1948-Fall 1949

Astonishing Stories

1-16, Feb 1940-Apr 1943

Astounding Science Fiction

1, Jan 1930-Mar 1933; Oct 1933-1960
Published initially as Astounding Stories of Super Science, ASF became Astounding Stories between February 1931 and November 1932 before briefly resuming its original name for the first three issues of 1933. From October 1933-Jan 1960, the name varied little (Astounding Stories, Astounding Science-Fiction and, from November, 1943, Astounding Science Fiction. In 1960 ASF began the name switch to Analog.

Authentic Science Fiction (UK)

8-85, 1951-1957
Title began as Authentic Science Fiction Series, became Science Fiction Fortnighly with issues 3-8, Science Fiction Monthly with issues 9-12, Authentic Science Fiction with issues 13-28, and finally Authentic Science Fiction Monthly with issues 29+


Sep 1939-Sep 1942

Avon Fantasy Reader

1-18, 1947-1952

Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader

1-2, Jan-Apr 1953

Avon Science Fiction Reader

1-3, 1951-1952

Beyond Fantasy Fiction

1-2(5), 1953-1955

Black Book

Dec 1933-Jun 1936

Black Cat


Black Mask

Jan 1927-Nov 1953

Blue Book Magazine

Jun 1918-Feb 1953

Captain Future

Winter 1940-Spring 1944

Captain Hazzard

1, 1938

Captain Zero

1, 1949


Dec 1940-Jul 1941

Cosmic Stories

Mar-Jul 1941

Cosmo (Ital)

1-74, 1957-1961

Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy

Sep 1953-Jul 1954

Cuentos Fantasticos (Mex)

2-34, 1948-1957

Doc Savage


Doctor Death

1-3, Feb-Apr 1935

Dream World

1-3, 1957

Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds

Jul 1934-May/Jun 1935

Dynamic Science Fiction

Dec 1952-Jan 1954

Dynamic Science Stories

1-2, 1939
Note: bound with #1 of Uncanny Stories.

Eerie Mysteries

Aug 1938-Apr/May 1939
Note: bound with Eerie Stories.

Eerie Stories

1, Aug 1937

Eternity Science Fiction

1-2, 1972

Famous Fantastic Mysteries

Sep/Oct 1939-Jun/Jul 1953

Famous Monsters of Filmland

1-103, 1959-1973

Famous Science Fiction

1-9, 1966/67-1969
Subtitled Tales of wonder.

Fanciful Tales of Time and Space

1, Fall 1936
Semipro magazine (Shepherd/Wollheim).


1-9(5), 1952-1960; 15(2)-19(2) 1965-1969
Cover name had a number of variants after changing to Fantastic Science Fiction with v.5(1).

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Fantastic Adventures

May 1939-Mar 1953

Fantastic Adventures Quarterly

Winter 1941-Spring 1951
Each issue comprised three unsold issues of Fantastic Adventures bound in a new cover.

Fantastic Novels

1-5, Jul 1940-Apr 1941; Mar 1948-Jun 1951
Revived with the title Fantastic Novels Magazine in 1948.

Fantastic Story Quarterly

1-8(2), 1950-1955
Name changed to Fantastic Story Magazine with the Summer 1951 issue.

Fantastic Universe Science Fiction

2-11(4), 1954-1958

Fantasy [1938] (UK)

1-3, 1938-1939
Subtitled A magazine of thrilling science fiction.

Fantasy [1946] (UK)

1-3, 1946-1947

Fantasy Book

3-8, 1948-1951

Fantasy Fiction

1-2, May-Nov 1950
First issue had the title Fantasy Fiction, the second Fantasy Stories.

Fantasy Magazine

1 (Mar, Aug, Nov), 1953. Title changed to Fantasy Fiction Magazine with the August issue.

Fantasy Magazine: the digest of imaginative literature

2(5)-39, Jan 1934-Jan 1937
Originally Science Fiction Digest [1932], whose numbering it continues.
Note: bound with Wollheim's Science Fiction bibliography, 1, 1935 and with Scientifiction: the British Fantasy Review, 1-7, 1937-1938

Fantasy Review (UK)

1-4, 1947-1949

Fantasy Stories

See Fantasy Fiction.

Fantasy: thrilling science fiction (UK)

1-6, 1946

Fiction: la revue litteraire de l'etrange (Fr)

30-229, 1956-1973

Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine

1, 1936

Flying Saucers from Other Worlds

Jun-Oct, 1957

Future combined with Science Fiction Stories (UK)

3-14, 1952-1954
British reprint of Future fiction and became Future Science Fiction Stories with n.6.

Future Fiction

Nov 1939-Feb 1943; May/Jun 1950-Mar 1960
Absorbed its sister publication Science Fiction in 1941 to become Future combined with Science Fiction. The magazine then went through a number of further title variations, finally becoming Future Science Fiction with v.28, 1955+.

Future Science Fiction (Aust)

1-6, 1953-1955

Futuristic Stories (UK)

1-2, 1946

Galaxy Science Fiction

Oct 1950-1979

Hapna! (Swed)

2, 1954-Mar 1958

Hidden World

1-9, 1961-1962

Horizon du Fantastique (Fr)

18-22, 1971

Horror Stories [1935]

Jan 1935-Apr 1941


1, Mar 1952-Nov/Dec 1974
Subtitled Worlds of Science Fiction until November 1961, when the cover logo changed to Worlds of If Science Fiction.


Oct 1950-Oct 1958

Imaginative Tales

1, 1954-May 1958
Continued as Space Travel.Imperfect.

Infinity Science Fiction

1-4(2), 1955-1958

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction

Spring 1977-Sep/Oct 1978

Jungle Stories [1938]

Winter 1938-Winter 1953

Los Cuentos Fantasticos

See Cuentos Fantasticos

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fall 1949-Nov 1978
Title of the first issue was Magazine of Fantasy.

Magazine of Horror and Strange Stories

1-36, 1963-1971

Marvel Science Stories

1-9, 1938-41; 1950-1952
Title went through a number of variations - originally Marvel Science Stories, it became Marvel Tales (Dec 1939-May 1940), Marvel Stories (Nov 1940-Apr 1941), Marvel Science Stories (Nov 1950-May 1951) and Marvel Science Fiction (Aug 1951-May 1952).

Marvel Tales [1934]

May 1934-Summer 1935
Semiprozine with limited distribution.

Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories

1-2, 1931

Mysterious Traveler

1-5, 1951-1952

Mysterious Wu Fang

Nov 1935-Mar 1936

Mystery Tales

Mar 1938-Jul 1940


1-16, 1953-1956

Nebula Science Fiction (UK)

1-41, Autumn 1952-Aug 1959

New Worlds (UK)

5-201, 1949-1971

Orbit (Aust)

1, Apr 1954

Orbit Science Fiction

1-5, 1953-1954

Other Worlds

1-26, 1949-Oct 1957

Out of this World Adventures

1(1-2), 1950

Planet Stories


Planet Stories (UK)

1-12, 1950-1951

Rocket Stories

1-3, Apr-Sep 1953


1-3(3), 1956-1959


1-5, 1957-1958
Subtitled The magazine of science fiction. Issue numbering continued over subsequent title changes - Saturn Web Detective Stories (1958-59), Web Detective Stories (1959-61) (both not held) and Web Terror Stories (1962-65).

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Space Travel

Jul-Nov 1958
A continuation of Imaginative Tales.

Science Fantasy Magazine (UK)

1950-Feb 1966

Science Fiction [1939]

Mar 1939-Sep 1941
Merged with Future Fiction in Oct 1941 to become Future combined with Science Fiction.

Science Fiction [1941] (Can)

1-6, 1941-1942

Science Fiction Digest [1932]

1-12, Sep 1932-Dec 1933. In 1934, the title changed to Fantasy Magazine.
Note: bound with The Planet, Jul-Dec 1930 and The Time Traveller, Jan-1932-Winter 1933.

Science Fiction Digest [1954]

1-2, 1954
Note: bound with Vortex.

Science Fiction Monthly (Aust)

Aug 1955-Feb 1957

Science Fiction Monthly (UK)

1-27, 1974-1976

Science Fiction Plus

1-7, 1953

Science Fiction Quarterly

Summer 1940-Spring 1943; May 1951-Feb 1958

Science Stories

1-4, 1953-1954

Science Wonder Quarterly

1-3, Fall 1929-Summer 1930
Continued as Wonder Stories Quarterly

Science Wonder Stories

1-12, Jun 1929-May 1930
See also Wonder Stories

Scoops: the story paper of tomorrow (UK)

1(Feb 10),1934-20(Jun 23), 1934

Sinister Stories

1-2, 1940

Space Fact and Fiction (UK)

1-8, 1954

Space Science Fiction

1-7, May 1952-Jul 1953

Space Stories

Oct 1952-Jun 1953


1-12, 1953-1970


1-2, Oct-Nov 1933

Star Science Fiction

1, 1958
Note: bound with Venture Science Fiction.

Startling Stories

Jan 1939-Fall 1955

Stirring Science Stories

1-3, 1941


1-3, 1952
Subtitled The magazine of true mystery.

Strange Stories

1-13, Feb 1939-Feb 1941

Strange Tales (UK)

1-2, 1946

Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror

1-3(1) Sep 1931-Jan 1933

Super Science Novels

Mar-May 1941
See Super Science Stories

Super Science Stories

May 1940-May 1943; Jan 1949-Aug 1951
Three issues (Mar-Aug) in 1941 were published under the title Super Science Novels. The magazine was revived in 1949 as SSS and followed the original SSN volume numbering for 15 more issues.

Suspense [1951]

1-4, 1951-1952

Tales of the Uncanny (UK)

1934, 1936

Tales of Tomorrow (UK)

1-11, 1950-1954

Tales of Wonder (UK)

1-16, 1937-1942

Terror Tales [1934]

2-51, 1934-1951

Thrilling Mystery

1-64, 1935-1944

Thrilling Wonder Stories

8(1)-44(3), Aug 1936-Winter 1956
TWS was a continuation (after being sold to a new publishing house and with a 4 month hiatus) of Wonder Stories. It continued the same volume numbering.

Uncanny Stories


Uncanny Tales [1939]

2(6) Apr/May, 1939; 3(1-4), 1939-1940

Uncanny Tales [1940] (Can)

Nov 1940-Oct 1943


1-7, 1977-1978

Universe Science Fiction

1-10, Jun 1953-Mar 1955


Mar 1939-Oct 1943

Unknown (UK)

5(5)-41, Mar 1942-Winter 1949

Unknown Worlds

Oct 1941-Oct 1942

Unusual Stories

0-3, 1934-1935
A partial issue in 1934 (with Advance issue printed on the cover) was left unfinished in favour of publishing Marvel Tales. The following year Unusual Stories was recommenced with a new vol.1.
Note: bound with Marvel Tales.

Urania (Ital)

2-537, 1952-1970

Utopia Magazin (Ger)

2-26, 1955-1959

Vanguard Science Fiction

1, 1958
Note: bound with Venture Science Fiction.

Venture Science Fiction

1-10, 1957-1966; 11-16, 1969-1970
Published in two series - first by Fantasy House, then by Mercury Press.
Note: bound with Star Science Fiction and Vanguard Science Fiction.

Vision of Tomorrow (Aust)

1-12, Aug 1969-Sep 1970
Published in Australia by Ronald E. Graham, but edited and printed in England.

Vortex Science Fiction

1-2, 1953
Note: bound with Science Fiction Digest [1954].

War Birds


Web Terror Stories

4(1)-5(2), 1962-1965
See Saturn.

Weird Tales


Wonder Stories

2(1)-7(8), Jun 1930-Apr 1936
An amalgamation of Air Wonder Stories and Science Wonder Stories. Volume numbering continued that of Science Wonder Stories. In 1936, WS was sold to a new publisher, recommencing later in the year as Thrilling Wonder Stories.

Wonder Stories Quarterly

Fall 1930-Winter 1933

Worlds Beyond

1-3, 1950

Worlds of If Science Fiction

See If.

Worlds of Fantasy (UK)

1-14, 1950-1955

Worlds of Tomorrow

1-23, 1963-1967