Electronic exhibitions

Treasures of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library

This exhibition highlights some of the many "treasures" which are to be found among the more than 170,000 volumes housed in Rare Books & Special Collections.

Bradfield's Bridge

An exhibition of drawings, plans, photographs and papers from the Rare Book Library's Bradfield Collection relating to the planning and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Exhibition curated by Neil Boness.

From Sailing Ships to Steam: Items from the Allan E. Bax Collection of Maritime History

This exhibition provides a glimpse of items from the Bax Collection which Allan Bax donated to the University of Sydney. The collection features 19th century ships' logs, midshipmans' diaries, a ship's commission, typescripts of two books, unrelated miscellaneous documents, as well as many published works on maritime history. Exhibition curated by Neil Boness.

Hippocrates to Harrison

This exhibition features a selection of texts which have contributed to the development of Western medicine. Authors renowned and forgotten are represented from the earliest days of the printing press to the end of the twentieth century. The exhibition was curated by Professor Yvonne Cossart to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University's Medical Faculty.

Origins of Modernity

On display are over 140 original volumes of the most important works in the emergence of modern thought and culture. Exhibition content by Dr Peter Anstey, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney and online presentation by Julie Price.

Philosophy by the Book

An exhibition to coincide with the 2005 Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference. Spanning five centuries, the exhibition features over 150 of the most interesting and important philosophy books in the Library's collection, many of which are held in the Rare Books and Special Collections. The exhibition includes archival material on philosophy in Australia and the famous Glaswegian philosopher John Anderson. Exhibition content by Dr Peter Anstey, Professor Keith Campbell and Dr Mark Weblin, University of Sydney. Online exhibition by Julie Price and Sara Hilder.

Witchcraft , Demonology and the Inquisition

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library contains a significant collection of works on witchcraft, demonology, exorcism and the occult. Here also may be found related works on canon and civil law, reports of trials, the Inquisition, torture, prophecy and alchemy, and more modern texts on occult practices by writers such as A. E. Waite and Aleister Crowley. Exhibition content by Neil Boness and online presentation by Suzana Sukovic.

Yours truly, Henry Lawson

An exhibition of original manuscripts, selected letters, photographs and portraits illustrating some of the chapters of the life of Henry Lawson, the celebrated Australian short story writer and poet. Exhibition content and online presentation by Sara Hilder.