Guide to the Norman Haire Collection, bulk 1926 - 1950

Descriptive Summary

Reference id: Manuscript collection. Norman Haire collection.
Title: Norman Haire collection
Date: Bulk 1926-1950
Creator: Haire, Norman, 1892-1952
Language Represented: English
Repository: Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Sydney Library
Extent: 8 boxes
Genres and Forms: Material including manuscripts; typescript; press clippings; photographs; correspondence; documents; films; glass negatives; x-rays; related publications.
Abstract: The Norman Haire collection chiefly consists of the writings of Norman Haire. Much of this material is in typescript. Correspondence between Haire and other sexologists such as Magnus Hirschfeld and Havlock Ellis are also held. Other material includes press clippings of items of interest to Haire.

Administrative information


Norman Haire bequeathed his papers and collection to the University of Sydney, Rare Books and Special Collections library.


The Rare Books and Special Collections Library is a closed access collection. Readers may not browse the shelves. To use material from the collection go to the Rare Books Office and fill out a request slip for each item you require. Staff will collect the material for you which you must read under supervision in the Rare Books Reading Room. You must provide identification (for example, University of Sydney library card, drivers licence) while you are using the material.

Biographical note

Norman Haire was a medical practitioner and sexologist. He studied medicine at the University of Sydney (M.B., Ch.M. 1915). He was a prolific author and active educator. Haire was a prominent reformer and researcher in Britain during the 1930s.

Local catalogue headings

Australian Cultural Society.

British Medical Association.

Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939.

Haire, Norman, 1892-1952

Hirschfeld, Magnus, 1868-1935.

Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.

Kegan, Paul & Co.

National Society for the Retention of Corporal Punishment.


Nettledon Lodge, Hampshire.

Sex -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.




2GB (Radio station : Sydney, N.S.W.).

2KY (Radio station : Sydney, N.S.W.).

Detailed Description



Box Title
3.01 Hurstville Propellor. Typescript. 5pp.
    April 7, 1943.
3.01 Hurstville Propellor. Typescript. 2pp.
    May 3, 1943.
3.02 Daily Telegraph (Sydney). Holograph. 2pp.
   Nov. 13, 1940.
3.02 Daily Telegraph (Sydney). Typescript. 4pp.
   May 18, 1942.
3.03 Sydney Morning Herald. Typescript. 2pp.
   Aug. 26, 1942.
3.03 Sydney Morning Herald. Typescript. 2pp.
   Aug. 31, 1942.
3.03 Sydney Morning Herald. Typescript. 1p.
   Sept. 14, 1942.
3.03 Sydney Morning Herald. Typescript. 1p.
   Dec. 11, 1942.
3.03 Sydney Morning Herald. Typescript. 2pp.
   June 23, 1944.
3.04 Woman Magazine. Typescript.
   19 March, 1941 ‐ Sept. 20, 1951.
3.54 [Various British newspapers and journals]. Typescripts.
   Bulk 1947 ‐ 1951.
3.06 Australian Cultural Society. Typescripts.
   1942 ‐ 1945.
3.07 Kegan Paul & Co. Re: publication of Hymen or the future of Marriage, incl. contract, royalty statements. Typescripts.
   1942 ‐ 1945.
3.08 The Australian Highway. Typescripts.
   June 1, 1945.
3.09 British Medical Journal. Typescripts.
3.10 NSW Medical Coordination Committee. Typescript and ms notes.
3.11 British Medical Association [and] General Medical Council [and] Great Britain. Ministry of Health. Typescripts.
   1926 ‐ 1951.
3.12 National Society for the Retention of Corporal Punishment. Typescripts. Also includes printed material and article on "Flagellant pornography" by Tony Gibson.
   Bulk 1951 ‐ 1952.
3.14 Journal of Sex Education. Typescript and holograph ms.
   1919, 1940 ‐ 1954.
3.16 Havelock Ellis. Typescript and holograph ms.
   1921 ‐ 1939.
3.17 Dr. Henry T. Gillett. Typescripts.
   Bulk Sept. 10, 1925 ‐ Feb. 11, 1931.
3.18 Aldous Huxley. Typescripts.
   Feb. 14, 1936 ‐ May 19, 1936.
3.19 Mrs T. Jerdan. Typescripts.
3.20 Magnus Hirschfeld. Typescripts.
   1923 ‐ 1935.
3.21 Karl Geise. Typescripts.
   1928 ‐ 1934.
3.22 Terrence Millen. Typescript.
3.23 Mervyn Findlay (solicitor) re court case: McKenzie v. Haire. Typescripts.
   1942 ‐ 1947.
3.27 Anonymous correspondence.
   1926 ‐ 1951.

Personal papers

Personal papers

Box Title
2.18 Recipes. Loose leaf format. Typescript and holograph.
3.24 Nettleden Lodge, Hampshire. Papers relating to purchase, etc. Typescript. Plans. Postage book.
3.25 ‐ 3.26 Includes photographs, receipts, reprint, newspaper clippings, financial papers, NSWMC 1947-48 medal, identity card, correspondence.
    18?? ‐ 19??.
3.27 Biographical notes and references by various authors. Typescripts.

Photographic material

Photographic material

Box Title
1 Films. 16mm. (13 reels)
1 Glass negatives
1 Photographic negatives
1 Photographs
4 Portrait of Norman Haire. Swaine's Studio. (1 copy).
4 Norman Haire reading. (6 copies).
4 Norman Haire with camera. (7 copies).
4 Norman Haire with camera. [Cropped]. (5 copies).
4 Norman Haire seated at table with four men. (10 copies).
4 Norman Haire [right profile]. 116x161mm (6 copies). 144x194mm (9 copies).
4 Photograph of sketch of Norman Haire by R. Watt. (4 copies).
   July, 1925.
4 Photograph of caricature of Norman Haire by [Karr?] (2 copies) plus (7 copies mounted).
4 Photograph of portrait of Norman Haire by P. Tennyson Cole. (1 copy).
4 Photograph of portrait of Norman Haire. Stamped Williamson Photography. (1 copy).
4 Norman Haire standing next to car. (2 copies).
4 Norman Haire holding puppy outside Nettleden Lodge. (1 copy).
4 Norman Haire and unidentified couple standing outside Cromer Welfare and Sunlight Centre. (1 copy).
4 Nettleden Lodge postcard.(1 copy).
4 Photographs of house exterior.
4 Photographs of house interiors.
4 Miscellaneous photographs and negatives.
5 Photographs, copper plates, door brass, 2 rolls of negatives, business notepaper samples, cards, watercolour illustrations
6 X-ray films and notes relating to medical practice.
   1930 – 1940
6a X-ray films and notes relating to medical practice.
   1930 – 1940
6b X-ray films and notes relating to medical practice.
   1930 – 1940
8.15 Film. 16mm. (1 reel).
9.1 Glass negatives.
9.2 Glass negatives.

Press clippings

Newspaper clippings

Box Title
2.20 Press cuttings. [Bound volume].
   1922 – 1923.
2.21 Press cuttings. [Loose].
2.22 Press cuttings. [Loose].
   1931 – 1932.
2.23 Press cuttings. [Loose].
2.24 Press cuttings. [Loose].
   1944 – 1945.
RB 536.11 2 See also: Related materials. Press cuttings [13 volumes].
   1922 – 1923.


Medical equipment and records

Box Title
8.10 Sphygmomanometer and rubber hose.
4 Prescription pad.
    Jan. 21,1947 ‐ Mar. 31, 1947.
4 Prescription book.
    Jan. 21,1947 ‐ Mar. 31, 1947.
8.01 Prescription book.
    March ‐ April, 1922.
8.02 Prescription book.
    April, 1937 ‐ June, 1947.
8.03 Appointment diary.
8.04 Appointment diary.
8.05 Appointment diary.
8.06 Appointment diary.
8.07 Appointment diary.
8.08 Appointment diary.
8.15 Appointment diary.
8.09 Card index of patients [incomplete].

Scholarly research and publications

Scholarly research and publications bulk 1000-3000

Box Title
2.01 Sex and the individual. Lectures 3‐10. Typescripts.
    Sept. 25 ‐ Nov. 20, 1945.
2.04   The falling birthrate. [Lecture]. Typescript.
2.05   The anatomy of sex. [Lecture]. Typescript.
   Mar. 16, 1942
2.06   Morals in wartime. [Lecture]. Typescript and holograph ms.
   Apr. 11, 1943
2.07   Sex and the juvenile community. Typescript.
   Apr. 2, 1943
2.08   Hymen or the future of marriage. [Extracts]. Typescript.
2.09   Through a doctor's spectacles. Typescript and holograph ms..
2.10   Sex education - Dr Haire's reply. Typescript with ms annotations.
2.11   Sex aeducation in schools. Typescript.
2.12   Melodrama. A doctor looks at life. Typescript.
2.13   Melodrama. Typescript and holograph draft. [Incomplete].
2.14   Music. Typescript.
2.15   The burglar. Typescript.
2.16   Book review: Florence Nightingale / Cecil Woodhouse Smith. Typescript.
2.17   Scientific evidence. Typescript.
2.17   Articles submitted to Woman Magazine. Typescript.
Radio appearances
2.02.01   Radio talk. 2KY. Hymen or the future of marriage. Typescript.
   Jan. 29, 1936
2.02.02   Radio talk. 2KY. Scientific approach to the problem of venereal disease in wartime. Typescript.
   Apr. 20, 1943
2.02.03   Radio talk. 2KY. Sex education. Typescript.
   Nov. 22, 1943
2.02.04   Radio talk. 2KY. Falling birthrate. Typescript..
   Nov, 28, 1944
2.03   Radio talk. 2GB. [Listeners questions and answers]. Typescript.
6 Offprints.

Related Materials

Press cuttings from English newspapers on birth control, sexual crimes and deviations. London. Bulk 1913 – 1949. 13 volumes. (23.5x29.1mm)

Haire, Norman. Diary. NOTE: Missing. Not known. 1 volume.

Separated Material

Item 2.19 Australia. Parliament Standing Committee on Broadcasting. 9th Report... relating to the question of broadcast talks on venereal disease and other sex matters. NOTE: Also contains NSW Parliament Acts & Debates on "Obscene and Indecent Publications" 1901 & 1946.
Item 7 Offprints of articles by Norman Haire. [nd]
Item 7.01 Psychobiologischer Fragebogen. Berlin, [nd]
Item 7.02 Hirschfeld, Magnus. Die Transvesttiten. Berlin: Alfred Pulvermacher, 1910.
Item 7.03 Ellis, Havelock. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. 1. La Pudeur. La Periodicite sexuelle. L’auto-erotisme. Paris: Mercvre de France, 1916.
Item 7.04 Ertser Abschnitt. Der aussereheliche Geschlechtsverkehr. Erstes kapitel. Die Ehe in ihrer kulturgeschichtlichen Entwickelung. A. Seydel: Berlin, [n.d.] pp.17-96 [Previously published in] 1875.
Item 7.05 Goldstein, Ferdinand. Weiteres zur Bevolkerungsfrage.
Item 7.06 Samosata, Lukianos von and Licht, Hans. Die Homoerotik in der Griechischen Literatur. Bonn: A.Marcus & E.Webers, 1921.
Item 7.07 Eulenburg, A. Sadismus und Masochismus. Wiesbaden: Bergmann, 1911.
Item 7.08 Physiolgie du marriage ou Meditations de philosophie eclectique.
Item 7.09 Haire, Norman. Birth control methods. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1945. (First Australian ed.)
Item 7.10 Marriage Guidance. 1948 – 1951. [incomplete]
Item 7.11 L’en dehors. 15 Septembre, 1932.
Item 7.12 Die Neue Familie. Vol.3(8) Aug. 1951 to Vol.3(9) Sep. 1951.
Item 7.13 L’Uniqiue. No.55. 10 Fevrier-20 Mars 1951.
Item 7.14 Die Aufklarung. Band 2 Heft 12.
Item 7.15 Marriage Society Review. Vol.3(1) Mar. 1950
Item 7.16 Loeser, Alfred von. Die Wirkung der Eirstockuberpflanzung auf die infantile, innersekretorisch kranke und alternde Frau. Berlin: Marcus & Weber, 1928.
Item 7.17 Seymour, Francis I. & Koerner, Alfred. Artificial insemination: Present status in the United States. Typescript copy of the Journal of the American Medical Association 21/6/41
Item 7.18 Grant, Alan. Infertile marriage or sterility. Reprint from The Medical Journal of Australia, May 31, 1941, page 672.
Item 7.19 Benjamin, Harry. The new concept of geronto-therapy. Reprint from The Urologic and Cutaneous Review, Vol.48(1), pp.17-24 (1944).
Item 7.20 Japan Birth Control League. 1951.
Item 7.21 New Generation. Vol.7(5) May, 1928 and Vol.8(7) Jul. 1929.
Item 7.22 Matsumoto, S. and Macht, D.I. A pharmacological study of ovarian and corpus luteum extracts, with a special reference to the contactions of the genitor-urinary organs. Reprinted from The Journal of Urology, Vol.3(2), April 1919. pp.63-85.
Item 7.23 Sand, Knut. Vasektomie beim Hunde als Regenerations - experiment. [Reprint from] Zeitschrift fur Sexualwissenschaft 8.Bd.12.Heft. 1922
Item 7.24 Mixogen: Male and female hormones in one tablet. London: Organon Laboratories.
Item 7.25 Wildman, Eric A. The cleansing cane. England: Corpun Educational Organisation (Eric Wildman), 1951.
Item 7.26 The criminal law and sexual offenders. London: British Medical Assoc., 1949.
Item 7.27 International Medical Group for the Investigation of Contraception. Third issue. Sept. 1930.
Item 7.28 Benjamin, Harry. A survey of the problem of impotence and a realistic approach to its management. Urologic and Cutaneous Press, 1943.
Item 7.29 Tietze, Christopher, Guttmacher, Alan F. & Rubin, Samuel. Time required for conception in 1727 planned pregnancies. USA: Paul B. Hoeber, 1950.
Item 7.30 [Cartoon illustration]. “A new Aesop: the Haire and the Lyons – population unlimited”. [nd].
Item 7.31 Sex Education Society. Programme of lectures to be held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, W.C.1 Season: October 1938-April 1939.
Item 7.32 Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference. March 25-31, 1925. New York City.
Item 7.33 Seventh International Birth Control Conference. Zurich. Sept.1-5, 1930. Conference Programme.
Item 7.34 La Reforme Sexuelle. Conference faite a Paris, dans un cercle prive, le 27 Juin 1932 par le Docteur Norman Haire des Londres.
Item 7.35 Vth International Congress of the World League fo Sexual Reform on a Scientific Basis. Brno-Brunn, CSR. 20-26. IX. 1932.
Item 7.36 Haire, Norman. Comparative value of current contraceptive methods. 1928.
Item 7.37 Haire, Norman. Comparative value of current contraceptive methods. 1928.
Item 7.38 Rejuvenation: Steinach’s researches on the sex-glands. 1. Steinach’s rejuvenation experiments. By Eden Paul. 2. Recent developments of Steinach’s work. By Norman Haire. British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology. Publication No.11. London: Athenaeum Press, 1923.
Item 7.39 Sexology: Sex science magazine. January, 1951; February 1952; January 1954.
Item 7.40 Birth-Control Methods [promotional flyer].
Item 7.41 The Journal of Sex Education [promotional flyer].
Item 7.42 Magnus Hirschfeld: In Memoriam.By Norman Haire. Reprinted from “Marriage Hygiene”, Kodak House, Bombay, November 1935.
Item 7.43 Haire, Norman. Comparative value of current contraceptive methods. 1928. Reprinted from Proceedings of the First International Congress for Sexual Research (Berlin, October 10th to 16th, 1926).
Item 7.44 Haire, Norman. How I run my birth control clinic. 1929. Reprinted from Proceedings of Second International Congress of World League for Sexual Reform, (Copenhagen, July, 1928).
Item 7.45 Psycho-biological questionnaire. [Magnus Hirschfeld]. [nd]
Item 7.46 Haire, Norman. Methods of contraception. Reprinted from the Indian Medical Journal, Vol.46, No.5, May 1952, pp.119-122.
Item 7.47 Haire, Norman. Marriage. Reprinted from The Practitioner for April, 1927.
Item 7.48 Journal of Contraception. Vol.3 No.4 April, 1938. [contains letter by Norman Haire “Fitting the vaginal diaphragm”].
Item 7.49 Haire, Norman. Australia’s population problem. Reprinted from The General Practitioner, May, 1941.
Item 7.50 Programme. Sydney University Dramatic Society. The Doctor’s dilemma by George Bernard Shaw. October 15, [nd].
Item 7.51 Programme. The Independent Theatre. Thunder Rock by Robert Ardrey. 15th March, 1941.
Item 7.52 Programme. The Independent Theatre. Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw. 27th Sept., 1941.
Item 7.53 The war as seen by children – international exhibition. [flyer] London: Refugee Children’s Evacuation Fund, [nd].
Item 8.11 Commonwealth of Australia Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) 19th Parliament. First session (second period) 19‐24th Oct. 1950, pp.1041‐1232.
Item 8.12 Le probleme sexual. No. 5 Fevrier 1935.
Item 8.13 G.G. Valot. Causes et Consequences de l'Heureuse Evolution de la Mortalite dans le Monde.
Item 8.14 Haire, Norman. The encyclopedia of sexual knowledge. [Heavily annotated. Pp.1‐30, 193‐408 missing.]
Item 10 World League for Sexual Reform. Second Sexual Reform Congress. Proceedings. Copenhagen 1 – 5; VII; 1928. Copenhagen/Leipzig : Levon and Munksgaard, 1929.
Item 11 World League for Sexual Reform. Third Sexual Reform Congress. Proceedings. London, 8 – 14, IX, 1929. London: Kegan Paul, 1930.
Item 12 Terris, Wykeham. A doctor looks at life: Taboos disappear at a gallup.
Item 12 Haire, Norman. Sex problems of today. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1945.
Item 13 Haire, Norman. Birth–control methods. (Contraception, abortion, sterilisation). With a forward by Aldous Huxley. London: Allen & Unwin, 1936.
Item 14 Licht, Hans. Sexual life in Ancient Greece. London: Routledge, 1932. NOTE: Inscription by Norman Haire.
Item 15 Haire, Norman. Encyclaedie der sexueele wetenschap......... London: Francis Aldor, n.d. NOTE: Inscribed by Norman Haire.
Item 16 Koffman, R. Mann und weib / Prof. Dr. R. Koffman and Dr. Jul. Weib. Stuggart: Union Deutsche, n.d. NOTE: Norman Haire's copy.
Item 17 Hirschfeld, Magnus. Geschlechtskunde..... Vol.4 Bilderteil. Stuttgart: Julius Pullman, 1930. NOTE: Norman Haire's copy.
Item 18 Wykeham, Terris. Sex talks. Sydney: Vanguard Publications, 1946. NOTE: Norman Haire's
Item 19 Haire, Norman. Hymen or the future of marriage. London: Kegan Paul, 1928. NOTE: Author's copy.
Item 20 Haire, Norman. Everyday sex problems. London: Friederich Mueller, 1948. NOTE: Author's proof copy.
Item 21 Haire, Norman. Everyday sex problems. London: Friederich Mueller, 1948.
Item 22 Some more medical views on birth control. Edited by Norman Haire. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1928.
Item 23 Haire, Norman. Rejuvenation: The work of Steinach, Voronoff and others. London: Allen & UNwin, 1924. NOTE: Norman Haire's copy.
Item 24 Welby, William. Naked and unashamed: Nudism from six points of view. London: Thorsons, n.d.
Item 25 Biological and medical aspects of contraception. Edited by Margaret Sangar. Washington: 1934. NOTE: Norman Haire's copy.
Item 26 Rutgers, J. The sexual life in its biological significance. Translated by Norman Haire. Dresden: R.E. Geisecke, 1924. NOTE: Norman Haire's copy.

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