Charnock : Rostra and heads of ancient vessels [plate]


Charnock, John, 1756-1807.

An history of marine architecture: including an enlarged and progressive view of the nautical regulations and naval history, both civil and military, of all nations, especially of Great Britain; devised chiefly from original manuscripts, as well in private collections as in the great public repositories, and deduced from the earliest period to the present times

London: Printed for R. Faulder ... by Bye and Law, 1800-1802.

Charnock’s History of Marine Architecture is a work which, especially in its more modern part, has a deservedly high reputation, being the first serious study of British naval architecture. However, it followed the opinions of sea officers in over-praising French ships and designs at the expense of their British equivalents establishing a tradition that has only recently been reassessed. Although some critics see it as uneven and anecdotal, this is certainly the most comprehensive history of marine architecture up to its time. The engraved plates are an important source of information in themselves.

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