BOGUET, Henri (1550-1619)
An examen of witches: drawn from various trials of many of this sect ... edited by the Rev, Montague Summers.
London: John Rodker, 1929

An English translation of Boguet's Discours de Sorciers, a legal textbook which, with over twelve editions, was a standard for over a century. Based on his own trial experiences it describes over forty cases Bouguet examined and in repute it rivalled the Malleus Maleficarum and surpassed similar works by noted contemporaries like Bodin and Remy.

Part of its success was because of its appendix., "The Manner of Procedure of a Judge in a Case of Witchcraft" which codified existing statutes and court procedures.

Boguet's family attempted, unsuccessfully, to suppress the work after his death.