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Issue Nº 29 - November 1996

ISSN 1326-2785
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Dean Leith to the USA

The Badham Librarian, Dean Leith, has left the University Library to join the company Innovative Interfaces Inc. as Manager of their Implementation Services Department in San Francisco. III has hundreds of sites worldwide using their integrated library system, including the University of Sydney. Dean was seconded from his position as Badham Librarian to convene the New System Project team which co-ordinated the successful implementation of the Library's new system in 1995. Reingard Porges will be Acting Badham Librarian during the recruitment process.

Emailing of library notices

From 8th October until the end of semester, the library intends to trial the emailing of overdue, recall, awaiting pickup notices and fines invoices to those borrowers willing to participate in this trial. Please indicate your interest by completing an Email Library Notices form available from any library, or by emailing your name, borrower's number, current address and current email address to Participants of the trial will not receive any printed notices during this trial.

Web Search Interfaces to Library Catalogue and Journal Databases

Early in the 1997 academic year, the Library will be implementing a new look for the online catalogue and some of the journal literature databases. World Wide Web technology will be used to create graphical menus, hypertext links and search forms for these systems. The present non-graphical interfaces will continue to be supported.

The beauty of these Web interfaces is that even though they are designed by a host of vendors for a host of databases and other resources, the look and feel for users will be similar across systems.

Library Catalogue

WebPac, the Web interface to the Library catalogue, offers features including: Links from catalogue records to full-text of items such as e- journals, conference papers, government documents, standards and specifications, etc.

  • Links to related items by clicking on subject headings, call numbers, authors.
  • More flexibility in the design of help, menu and library information screens.
  • User-friendly graphical interface to the catalogue, including the journal article databases, which clearly displays instructions and allows uers to simply click rather than typing a series of letters and numbers.

Ovid Journal Databases

Features of this Web interface:

  • Users can see instantly which journals are actually available in the library.
  • Links to related items via clicking on author name or subject heading to generate a "lateral search" to find additional documents.
  • Vocabulary mapping automatically analyses the user's natural-language query, and suggests appropriate controlled-vocabulay teams for searching.
  • Users can save a partially completed strategy to work on later. They can also re-execute strategies in any database.
  • Citation Manager allows efficient printing and saving via the Web browser's internal features. Citation Manager can also e-mail documents directly from the Ovid server.

As the Library begins to try to standardise our user interface to the wide range of databases and other e-resources we offer, the Web provides optimum advantages combining similar search interfaces and site-wide customisation for a large number of database systems.

SETIS Launched

At the University of Sydney Library on Tuesday, 24 September 1996, around 30 invited guests gathered to witness the opening of the new electronic text service by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gavin Brown. SETIS, the Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service, was established this year as the result of a successful submission to the university's Information Technology Committee. The guests included His Excellency the Ambassador for France, Monsieur Dominique Girard, Mme Maud Girard and the Consul-General for France, Monsieur Thierry Viteau.

SETIS provides inhouse and remote textual and image databases, as well as software and equipment for textual analysis and the creation of electronic texts. SETIS is administered by Dr Creagh Cole and is available to all University of Sydney staff and students.

Hours of opening are Monday to Friday, 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm and at other times by arrangement with the Co-ordinator. Dr Cole may be contacted on 9351 7408 , fax: 9351 7290, e- mail:, or url:

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gavin Brown, addressing the assembled staff and guests at the opening of SETIS
Photograph by Jill Brown

Patrons and Devotion

Since 1972, when it was acquired with the assistance of the Friends Group, the fifteenth-century French Book of Hours known as the Hours of Anne La Routye, has been one of the major treasures of the University Library. The Friends, and the Library, have recently sponsored the publication of a major study on this work by Dr Peter Monks fittingly entitled Patrons and Devotion : the University of Sydney's Hours of Anne la Routye.

The art work in the University's Book of Hours is an example of one of the finest programmes of contemporary illustration by a miniaturist of a major Parisian workshop. Dr Monk's study not only explores and explains the illuminations and decoration found in the work, but also traces the history of the volume and its owners, and places it in context in the medieval Paris of the fifteenth-century.

Copies of Dr Monk's work are available from the Rare Book and Special Collections Library, Fisher Library, or from the Chancellor's shop.