Library Skills Classes for the Faculty of Education and Social Work

The following classes are designed for students and staff in the Faculty of Education and Social Work; and the Koori Centre. The classes are taught in small groups and are hands-on wherever possible. These classes are only available to University of Sydney Staff and students.

For more information contact your Faculty Librarians Philippa Crosbie and Christine Tennent.

Who to contact for help?

Undergraduate, Pre-service Education and Master of Teaching Programmes
Early Childhood, Primary Education, School Counselling  Christine Tennent
Secondary Education, Human Movement and Health Education   Philippa Crosbie
Education I-IV Christine Tennent
Honours Philippa Crosbie and Christine Tennent

Postgraduate Coursework
Educational Management and Leadership, Higher Education, International Education Philippa Crosbie

Research Methodology,  Learning Sciences, Special Education and Inclusive Education Philippa Crosbie

TESOL, Educational Psychology, Coach Education, Health Professional Education Christine Tennent

Offshore Programmes Philippa Crosbie
Research Higher Degree Philippa Crosbie
Social Work and Policy Studies (all programmes) Philippa Crosbie
Koori Centre Philippa Crosbie and Christine Tennent
Cadigal Programme Christine Tennent
United States Studies Centre Philippa Crosbie and Christine Tennent