OVID Medline Guide

Managing your results

The bottom of every page of results contain the Results Manager. This allows you to manage your results including emailing, printing or adding to an EndNote database.

The Results Manager is divided in 4 separate areas:

results: select

In the results area choose either selected citations, all on the page (10 per page) or everything in your set. You cannot choose more than 200 if you emailing them to yourself.

results: fields

The default fields will be set to citation and abstract. Alter this only if you have a specific reason or if you are using EndNote.

results: format

Leave the format on OVID. Change this ONLY if you are using EndNote. You may want to include your search history so you remember how you came by the results

results: action

From here you can choose to email the citations to yourself, save them to a text file, print them or export them to another piece of software. Choose the action appropriate to your needs.

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