OVID Medline Guide

Saved searches

You can save searches for use another time. These options all appear under the search history box:

save searches options

Firstly you need to create a personal account. Click on the Personal Account button and follow the directions. Personal accounts are free.

The next time you run a search you need to save click on the Save Search History option. You will then be asked to log in with the personl account information you have already set up.

login screen

From here you have the following options:

save search history options

Temporary saves your search for 1 week. After this time, it will be erased automatically.

Permanent saves your search for an indefinite period of time, or until you delete it yourself.

Click the AutoAlert button to save your search as an AutoAlert An AutoAlert is a saved search that runs automatically without any intervention on your part. When you save an AutoAlert in a database, the AutoAlert runs when the database is updated. Whenever it is run, the AutoAlert profile retrieves newly-added documents on your topic and emails them to you.

Don't forget to name your search and maybe include a comment.

When you click the Saved Searches button on the Main Search Page, Ovid displays the list of all your temporary searches, permanent searches, and AutoAlerts. The display includes comments you appended to your searches and gives you the option to run, delete, edit, or display their contents.

The Delete Searches button lets you delete searches you on your current page.


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