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Saving Searches in OvidSP


Once you have set up a personal account in OvidSP using My Account you have the option of setting up four types of saved searches. These are:

Temporary (168 hours)

Termporary saved searches are designed for those situations in which you only need access to a search for a few days. OvidSP will automatically delete the search after 168 hours.


Use this option to save searches and rerun at another time or for base strategies from which you can develop further searches.


Creates a search that runs automatically on a regular basis and emails theresults to a designated list of recipients. Can be sent to you via Email or RSS, or to your My Projects account.

My Projects

Adds your search strategy to an exisitng or new project in your My Projects account.

To Save a Search

*Perform a search in OvidSP.

*Click click Save Search History.

*Enter a Search name.

*Add a comment (if needed)

*Select the Save search Type from the drop down menu.

*Click Save

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