Citation search

Click on and your screen will refresh. You are given a number of different search fields and boxes to enter the details you have.

Task 1: You are looking for an article. The author's name is Strippoli and you know he's written a recent article in Ophthalomolgy

Enter Strippoli * in the Author Surname search box. The * indicates truncation and can be used either after the surname or the first initial.

Now enter Ophthalmology in the Journal name search box and use the button.

You should retrieve an article titled:
Is renal impairment a predictor of the incidence of cataract or cataract surgery? Findings from a population-based study, in the February 2005 issue of Ophthalmology.

Not all citation searches work as well as this. Sometimes you will need to use a combination of the Citation Search with any other details you have.

The next example shows you how.

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