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Task 2: You appear to have written down a journal name incorrectly. You have a volume(37) and page number(169) which may or may not be correct and the general subject area which is postnatal depression. How do you find this article?

You can only use what details you have so it's best to see if there are any articles with a volume number and page no. that match those you have.

Enter the volume number 37 and the page number 169 then click

The result is over 280 citations. You still don't know if these details are correct. You will now have to add the subject information to limit further.

Click on

Enter postnatal depression into the search box and click.

This maps to the MeSH term Depression, Postpartum. Click until you return to the main screen.

In the box combine these two sets with

The result is 1 article. This should be the one we are interested in.

Please click in the OvidSP navigation bar at the top of the screen to logoff from your Medline session.

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