Searching by subject - creating a search strategy

To get the best results from a search you will need to look closely at your question.

Sample Question: What are the economic arguments for and against population based screening for colorectal cancer.

Some questions you need to ask yourself include:

1. What are the main concepts or facets of the question? colorectal cancer, population based screening and economics



How do the concepts or facets relate?
How will you combine your terms?

All facets must be discussed:
colorectal cancer AND population based screening AND economics

3. How much and what kind of information do you need? For this tutorial we will look at the following options:
  • A few relevant references (20-50)
  • A more comprehensive search
Time to practice! The next part of the tutorial is divided into 2 sides:
Left side Right side
Shows instructions Opens an Ovid Medline screen where you can practice, following the instructions on the left side

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