Understanding Unit of study readings

What do you do when there are 370 people in your class and you all need to read the same book? Even if the Library owned 100 copies, your chances of borrowing it would be pretty slim.

The Solution:
Some of your lecturers give us advance notice of what will be on their reading lists. The Library then sets a copy of these books aside in the 2 Hour collection and also scans chapters and journal articles for eReadings (online access). You can only borrow books for a short time, and may even need to be used within the Library. Most libraries have 2 Hour collections.

Anything in eReadings is online and only a click away 24/7 on or off campus!

This is equality at its finest! The maximum number of students get the maximum amount of usage out of the required readings!

But how do you find out what's in Unit of study readings?

Everything in the 2 Hour collection and eReadings is in the Catalogue, even the journal articles. You can search each title and author on your reading list individually - this is a bit time consuming.


you can choose the easy way and use the options under Find unit of study readings from the Catalogue Menu.